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Preview of Sessions

Over 25 Sessions will be Available During the Summit. You can see the preview of just 5 sessions here.

Austin Belcak (Microsoft)

How to Land a Job in 6 Weeks Without Applying Online

John Riberio

Interview Techniques to Ace Your Interview

Jen Narayan

Reverse Engineering the Recruiters Process

Pavan Kumar

How to Find a Job as an Industrial Quality Engineer?

Samvat Rastogi

How to Land a Job A Data Science Engineer?

Nicole Steen

Attention Grabbing Resume Templates

Saloni Goyal

Lesson Learned from Finding a Full Time Job at Amazon

Nikhil Gorantula

The Jack of all Trades Interview

* All these interviews are 60 minutes or more in duration. Available to watch from Dec 1 to 4, 2019 as per the Schedule of Sessions.