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  /  A Day in the Life of a Python Developer at Cisco

A Day in the Life of a Python Developer at Cisco

What’s Covered in this Session:

This interview will blow your mind away!

If you are an international student in the USA, you MUST to watch this interview.

The golden nuggets of tips and life lessons you will learn from this discussion will help you land a job and lead a successful career in the USA.


What skills that you learned from the school are you using directly in your job today?

Name the software or tools are you using on your day to day work.

How big is your team?

What is your current role?

How does your typical day look like?

How are you measuring your job satisfaction?

What did you learn after joining this company that you did not learn in school?

What are your plans to grown in your Career?

What books, courses are you using/used to develop yourself?

How did you find this job?

When did you start your job search?

Impact of starting job search late vs early

How was your interview experience?

How many rounds of an interview?

What advice do you like to give to students in school applying for jobs?

What lessons did you learn and what mistakes did you make?

My self-development plan

How a USC student was unprepared for the job interview and how I’m helping him.

Python Developer