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  /  How to Use “Active Approach” Techniques to Land the Job in Canada & USA

How to Use “Active Approach” Techniques to Land the Job in Canada & USA

What’s Covered in this Session:

Connel answered ton of questions in this interview. Don’t get fooled by title related to Canada. About 30% of this session is about Job Search in Canada, but his advice is universal and applies to any Job Seeker (USA or Canada). So, make sure to watch this session.

Job Search Tactics

– Why the most common networking strategy in LinkedIn is wrong. 

– How to use LinkedIn for Networking?

– How to take an “Active Approach” with the Job Search. 

– How not to ask for information interviewing?

– What should be the content fo the message when sending a request via LinkedIn?

– Connel will respond to the message if this specific kind of LinkedIn messages. (Hint Hint!)

– From Hiring Manager’s point of view, what is he looking for in a candidate?

– How does the Hiring manager decide if the candidate is a good fit for the position?

– How to make small talk your way to landing the job during the interview

– Interview Tactics to convert into Q&A format to a conversational tone. 

– How to leave a memorable and positive impression during the meeting?

Job in Canada:

– What challenges are newcomers in Canada facing while searching for jobs?

– How long does it take for someone to land a job after coming to Canada?

– How to apply for jobs in Canada from outside the country?

– What are the chances of landing a job in Canada if applying from the USA?

– What is the possibility of getting employment in Canada and a work permit without PR?

– What is the Average Salary in IT in Canada?

– when should a new immigrant start look for a job?

– How should new-immigrants approach the job search and networking in Canada?

Work Culture in Canada:

– How is work culture in Canada different from India or the USA?

– What soft skills are required to be successful in Canada?

– What’s expected from the employee (from Mangers Point of View)?

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