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  /  How to Survive in Your Role?

How to Survive in Your Role?

What’s Covered in this Session:

How to Survive a job
○ How to be dependable
§ Data Team CLI
○ Work Output
§ If you way I will do it you complete it never look at time
○ How to grow in present role
○ How to make team feel absence not presence
○ Ask for feed back
○ Ask For Performance review
○ Set up 1:1 with team and Rest of the engineering.
○ My Job Switch strategy // why I wont job a bigger corporation any time soon.
○ How you act in high stress scenario
§ Your DDOS Attack
§ Never panic
§ Analyze the gravity
§ Attention to details
§ You cannot show stress or emotions in company

• How to be unique
○ How I mentor my team
○ How I embrace resume driven development
○ Make Notes
§ I recommend I-pad with pencil
○ How to stay ahead of game
○ How I will stay ahead of technology // learn/ implementation
○ How Meetups help in Career
○ How medium articles helps in day to day work.
○ Read Books
○ Always keep your self occupied with work in office
○ Watch Tech Talk’s // Implementations // Architecture
○ Why Git hub is so much important
□ Heroku
□ Git
□ Travis CI