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  /  How to Organize Your Job Search

How to Organize Your Job Search

What’s Covered in this Session:

Job Search process can quickly go out of your hands.

Job Search is a Problem and no one enjoys doing that.

For instance, if you are a Graduate student without any work experience. All your life, you have taken numerous tests, attended classes, sumbited assignments, memorized formulas and answers and graduated from school and college.

A Masters degree experience would have trained you on a specific skill set. But, you would have been spent very little time applying for jobs!

You have spent very little if not no time in learning the “Job Search Skills”.

You would spend most of your adult life working, learning new skills but very little time on actually applying for jobs.

When you spend such little time, it’s natural to take the path of least resistance. And that’s what most job seekers do and end up wasting a ton of time feeling frustrated without a positive reply.

So, how do you ensure the Job Search doesn’t consume you?

How can you stay on top of things and have control over the process?

That’s what you will learn from this Session – How to organize your job search, so you stay in control of the process.