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  /  How to Find a Career that Fits Your Strength

How to Find a Career that Fits Your Strength

What’s Covered in this Session:

When talking to people about their careers, there are countless themes one would hear, including a lack of clarity about what motivates them, what their strengths are, how to network, and how to build a career road map. But there’s one theme that consistently sticks out: professional branding.

Imagine this: You’re driving down the highway and you and notice a billboard with one of your favorite brands. Automatically you know exactly what that brand represents, what identifies them from their competitors, what you can expect from their product(s), and how it resonates with you.

This is the same with people and their brand as a professional, but unfortunately few people know how to develop and leverage it.

Working with my clients, I use a formula approach that includes outlining core essences, top values, key drivers and motivations, and biggest strengths.

We then summarize each of these categories into narratives that tell a short, compelling and authentic story that packs a punch.

So, how do you create your brand?

Come and learn in this sesison.

Career and Leadership Coach