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How Does Job Search Process Work in Canada

What is Covered in this Session:

Session presenter Jen Narayan is working as a Recruiter and a Career Coach. She is from Toronto, Canada.

In this session, we dig deeper to learn how she recruits candidates in Canada. In other words, reverse engineering her headhunting process.

Plus, she describes the techniques she uses to find candidates and how she contacts them and starts the conversation. 

Why will this help you?

She helps her students use the same techniques to find the “right-fit” job.

And you can also learn and use the same techniques with your job search.

When a recruiter reaches out to you, your chances of having a successful interview goes way up.


You have been pre-qualified, and there’s something in your profile that interests them. 

Plus, she talks about the Job Search Process in Canada. 

Also check out her second session on 10 Tips to Nail Your Next Phone Interivew.


Career Coach, Recruitment Consultant & Founder