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  /  Why This Database Admin Advises Against Working as an IT Consultant

Why This Database Admin Advises Against Working as an IT Consultant

What’s Covered in This Session:

Shiva is working as a Database Administrator and he shared the following tips and advice.

If you are thinking about joining a “consultancy”, then you should watch this interview (irrespective of Computer Science Major).

Advice to Job Seekers

– How did networked his way from “Desi” consultancy to Full-Time Job in Alaska (NY to Philadelphia to San Diego to Anchorage)
– Emotional suffering he went through after joining a Consultancy
– Heartfelt advice to job seekers on why they should not go to Desi Consultancy
– Why some consultancies are not worth the time and effort.

Job Search Process:

– How will he apply for jobs differently if he were to do this all over again
– When to start applying for jobs for students in Grad School
– Why students take the easier route through Consultancy which could be a dead end.
– Examples of proxy interviews and outcomes from his friends.

Day to Day Job Duties:
– Skills Required to be a Database Administrator
– Life in Alaska
– What tools and programming language are required to be DB Admin
– The transition from Electronics to Information Assurance to Database Administrator

Database Administrator